Sylvia Ruth Byrd

Sylvia Ruth Byrd once said " I believe that the NAACP should give something to each Black child born in the US."

Through hard work and a giving spirit, Sylvia Ruth became a leader of philanthropy at Howard University. Sylvia Ruth donated time and money to supporting the learning of students at Garnett-Patterson Middle School, Washington, DC.

In her retirement, Sylvia Ruth dedicated many hours to tutoring 1st grade students in reading at Payne Elementary School, Washington, DC.

Sylvia Ruth believed that education has the power to transform the lives of people whose circumstances do not afford them opportunities.

Her work has inspired the creation of the Sylvia Ruth Foundation, which has as it's mission scholarship, educational investment and literacy.

Sylvia Ruth was born on March 19th, thus gifts are given on and around that date.

The Sylvia Ruth Foundation was founded in 2021 in honor of Sylvia Ruth and to carry on her legacy of philanthropy and good deeds in an attempt to make the world a better place for those who are born into circumstances that do not automatically set them up for success.